You’d Never Take a Ride From a Stranger. Or Would You?

ride safer with ZabCab

When you see a woman hitchhiking on a lonely stretch of road, your first thought is likely, “Wow, that’s a pretty dangerous thing to do in today’s world.” But thousands of people, including teenagers and women, are hailing “ride share” vehicles every day (and night) to get them to their destinations. We at ZabCab feel the need to point out the obvious: the very term “ride share” says it all. When you use one of these services you are sharing a car with someone you do not know.

Loading a ride share app into your smartphone might be trendy, but for your safety, we have to point out that it is essentially hitchhiking in the digital age—you are getting into a car with little to no knowledge about your driver. Ride share companies have no investment in their operators. They are essentially just making a match—rider to open car—and they don’t require any specific training or licensing for the operators they connect you to. So that means virtually anyone can be a ride share driver. And most ride share operators also have day jobs, night jobs, or no job at all, and have chosen to accept low wages as a way to make a quick buck.

We think safety is more important than our competitors do. So we encourage you to ride better and rest easy with ZabCab: the only trusted digital app for finding a secure ride. We decided early on that we’d only put our brand behind professional, fully licensed taxi operators, who have undergone rigorous background checks.

Here are some other reasons why you should be ZabCabbing it tonight:

  • No credit card needed: ZabCab doesn’t capture your data. So if you’re a tourist, traveling on business, prefer not to give out your card info, or just want to pay cash, with ZabCab you have the flexibility to pay any way you prefer.
  • Low wait time: We use technology to match passengers to drivers, fast. And we use predictive analytics to get drivers to high volume areas in anticipation of demand. So when you use ZabCab, your wait time will be 5-7 minutes on average.
  • No surge: We only work with commercial taxi operators. So we never need to provide additional incentives—like surge pricing—to get drivers on the road. You only pay what’s on the meter with ZabCab.

Now you see why we sleep soundly at night. When you choose ZabCab, you’re choosing to ride with a fully licensed, insured, and vetted cabbie.

Ride safe, ZabCabbers! Download the ZabCab app today.

Mary Cronin