Taxi Companies Raising the Bar

Taxi Companies Raising The Bar

At ZabCab our mission has always been to provide fast, safe and surge free rides from seasoned, professional taxi drivers. We have a strong vision that a taxi ride should be convenient, affordable and provide quality vehicles. And we are working hard with our taxi partners in South Florida and Vermont to make that vision a reality. That sometimes means out with the old and in with the new.

We’re always happy when we hear about others who share our vision. After 103 years in the business, Yellow Cab of Pittsburgh has decided to reinvent themselves. With a $4M overhaul they have completely upgraded their fleet to new fuel efficient silver vehicles that customers can request right through an app, just like ZabCab! The Pittsburgh based cab company has already received 6,000 app downloads since launch.

Pittsburgh Transportation Group President Jamie Campolongo understands the urgency for taxis to innovate to keep up in this rapidly changing transportation sector. Campolongo calls to mind the era of Borders and Blockbuster and their refusal to change. “Both of those companies are out of business,” he remembers. “They’re out of business because they refused to embrace technology, and they refused to change their business model.”

Companies like Yellow Cab of Pittsburgh and ZabCab are raising the bar for taxis everywhere. At the end of the day people come out on top as we enter a new era of consumer centric transportation options. We will continue to work with the taxi industry as we take taxis to the next level.

Drew Kuryloski