ZabCab Launches #ShareYourFare Campaign


ZabCab Launches #ShareYourFare Campaign


Tap your ZabCab taxi app for the greater good.

#ShareYourFare for the Greater Good

Big news—the app that allows you to get a taxi in one tap is now helping you donate to great causes.

This week, we launched our new Share Your Fare campaign, which allows you to drive funds toward amazing nonprofit organizations when you use our ZabCab taxi app!

Here’s how it works: Tap your ZabCab app to hail a cab, then take a picture in the taxi—alone or with your friends, or even with your driver—and post it to your favorite social media sites with #ShareYouFare @ZabCab. For every post that with that tag, we’ll donate $1 to an organization that is doing good in the South Florida community.

In October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the donations will go to the Save the Ta-Tas Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds breast cancer research (including the work of Mildred Acevedo-Duncan, PhD, at the University of South Florida), awareness, and education.

“ZabCab is the taxi app that cares,” says Martin Heikel, CEO of Flatiron Apps, LLC, which launched ZabCab in Miami and Fort Lauderdale on September 28. “We’re not here in South Florida just to make it easier to get around; we want to see the entire community thrive and help Floridians who are faced by difficult challenges. With this program, we can support important causes together. You post the photos, we’ll donate the funds. It’s that simple.”

Each month, ZabCab will choose a different organization to support. Heikel said the Save the Ta-Tas Foundation was a great choice to start off the program.

“The Save the Ta-Tas Foundation is a great organization that is fighting the good fight to cure breast cancer,” he says. “ZabCab users who post their selfies throughout October can rest assured that, while they catch a ride to meet friends for a night out, or take a cab to work or to shop, they are also helping women overcome this awful disease.”

The Save the Ta-Tas Foundation was founded in 2008 by designer Julia Fikse. Since then, it has donated more than $1 million to battling cancer at every stage by supporting break-through cancer research, awareness, education, community service and more.

So what are you waiting for? #ShareYourFare today! Thanks.

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