West Volusia County

ZabCab in West Volusia

From Orlando to Daytona Beach, the West Volusia County Region encompasses 14 distinct communities along the St. Johns River, I-4 and US-17/17-92. A variety of unique accommodations and an eclectic mix of attractions, restaurants, shops and boutiques make this a popular spot for visitors from all over the world.


ZabCab operates from the historic city of DeLand, the county seat.


Ride Pricing

Short runs


All rides within the coverage area are metered, with a minimum fare of TBD

  • Per minute

    While the meter is running

  • Per mile

    Miles driven from pickup to destination

  • Wait time (per minute)

    We'll add a little extra if we wait while you run an errand


Long runs


We can take you outside of our coverage area for a flat rate

  • Orlando Airport

    From DeLand, Orange City or Deltona

  • Daytona Beach

    From DeLand, Orange City or Deltona